How to Create an Inexpensive Net Drive

This is so simple, you will wonder why you never thought of it before now…

Do you have a router with a USB port on it? Check the documentation on the router and see what that USB port is used for. Here are some typical uses for it:

  • Service port
  • USB internet connection to a PC (this is very old school and should be very rare)
  • External drive

The External Drive option is the one you want. Sometimes it’s also called External Storage. You may have to go through the router admin screen and options to enable this.

If you have this option, once it’s enabled, simply plug in an external hard drive or USB drive. I recommend a nice big USB drive. I have a 2 TB USB drive in my router’s USB port.

You can now access the drive through your router. Your router documentation will tell you how to access it. Typically, it’s formatted like this: router_name/drive_name.

Hope you like this tip! I welcome you feedback.

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