Windows 10 Search Issues

Is the file search function on your computer running Windows 10 no longer working?

I hate to tell you this, but Microsoft has known about this issue since at least 2015 – and they haven’t fully fixed it yet.

If you really need to find a file, you can do so from the command prompt. At least it still works.

So here’s the workaround:

  1. Click on Start button
  2. Type cmd (starts a search for something with cmd in it)
  3. Click on Command Prompt
  4. If you wish to change directory (aka folder) type CD folder_root\folder_name.
  5. If the file is on another drive besides C:, you must type the drive letter first. (i.e. cd D:\my_folder\my_other_folder\)
  6. Once you are in your desired folder, type dir “string” – where string is the string of letters you wish to find in a file name. Use the asterisk before or after the string to represent wild card characters.
  7. To search subfolders, type dir /S “string”. You can use the asterisk wild card character here too. (i.e. dir /s myfil* to find myfile.txt)
  8. Use caution! There are commands that can remove directories (folders) and files. There is even a command for reformatting the hard drive. Don’t use any of these commands! Use only the commands I have shown you.
  9. Once you have found your file, you can open it with your desired program in Windows and close the Command Prompt.

How to Create an Inexpensive Net Drive

This is so simple, you will wonder why you never thought of it before now…

Do you have a router with a USB port on it? Check the documentation on the router and see what that USB port is used for. Here are some typical uses for it:

  • Service port
  • USB internet connection to a PC (this is very old school and should be very rare)
  • External drive

The External Drive option is the one you want. Sometimes it’s also called External Storage. You may have to go through the router admin screen and options to enable this.

If you have this option, once it’s enabled, simply plug in an external hard drive or USB drive. I recommend a nice big USB drive. I have a 2 TB USB drive in my router’s USB port.

You can now access the drive through your router. Your router documentation will tell you how to access it. Typically, it’s formatted like this: router_name/drive_name.

Hope you like this tip! I welcome you feedback.

Need a Website?

I’m just the person to create one for you. I have been developing in different web technologies since 1995. I also know tricks to get you a website very inexpensively. Let’s talk about your needs and how I can best meet them. I think you will be pleased.

Meanwhile, hop on over to my Samples page and see examples of websites that I have developed in the past.

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New Site!

The Exemplary IT Consulting website is up!

We assist businesses, churches, and non-profit organizations with their website, social media, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and media needs. A full services page is up now as well!

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New posts are coming soon… For now, we have them simmering in the crock pot… 🙂